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Winamp is getting closer to release with a redesigned website, logo, and a new beta signup allowing users to soon test the upcoming version of the media player.
Before we streamed our music, users would rip their albums or download MP3s to listen on their computer using media players.
One of the most popular media players to play MP3s was Winamp, with its retro skins and animated visualizers that moved along with the music you were playing. However, Winamp had not seen any further development after its version 5.666 release in 2013.
In October 2018, after Winamp 5.8 was leaked online, the developers decided to publish the leaked version on their website to allow everyone to use it in all its nostalgic glory. Unfortunately, while Radionomy, the owners of Winamp, said they had big plans for Winamp, no further versions have been released since then.
The only new Winamp development we have seen has been by the Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP ) who released Preview version with bug fixes and improvements.
As first reported by Vosveteit, the lack of official development is about to change as the site received a redesign and a new logo was revealed for the media player this week.
Additionally, you can now visit and sign up for a Winamp beta test, which should become available soon.
While it is unknown what version will be released for testing and what bugs have been fixed, the Winamp Head of Product development, Jeremy Scheppers, told BleepingComputer that they are excited for the relaunch of the application.
BleepingComputer has contacted Winamp with further questions and will update the article when we receive a reply.
Update 11/19/21: Updated article with correct last official and WACUP version numbers.
Microsoft starts rolling out a new Windows 11 media player
exciting stuff, very nostalgiac for many people.

new logo looks like was made by the same people who made the new HP logo, so much like the new HP logo that there would be IP issues if they were in competition.
Nice,..was a good little player,..shame about the logo.:-(
Between v5.5 & v5.666 there were 25 builds released – how is that it stopping receiving updates ?

Also the WACUP preview build version is (not with a new WACUP preview tentatively expected before the year is out with 14 betas having been created & it almost being able to drop needing to use the core Winamp files to operate for those still wanting a winamp-like experience.

As this new offering referenced in the article is unlikely to support any of the things that Winamp has had before it even if it finally appears (they’ve lied numerous times over the almost 8 years they had ownership of the brand) as its now the 4th website redesign & 3rd logo rebranding since acquiring it :/

Apologies. Article has been corrected.
But does it still whip the llamas ass?
“But does it still whip the llamas ass?”

It doesn’t even kiss it any more.
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Hackers deploy Linux malware, web skimmer on e-commerce servers
Some Tesla owners unable to unlock cars due to server errors
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