The IT Security Guru has teamed up with Synopsys, a recognised leader in application security, to bring you the webinar, Secure Your Cloud Environment from Evolving Threats.

As the migration to the cloud continues at an unabated pace, the threats in the cloud are also increasing proportionally and evolving constantly. Data breaches, misconfiguration risks, weak identity and access management controls, insider threats, multi-cloud infrastructure, and increasing complexity are just a few of the many challenges that are common in cloud computing.

Adding to the complexity of today’s cloud landscape are multiple cloud providers with different ecosystems and myriad services offering unique security controls. Migrating on-premises/private cloud IT infrastructures onto the public cloud only increases the challenge of ensuring cloud security.

In this webinar, learn the essential elements required to ensure the security of your cloud environments.

In addition, hear success stories of how Synopsys helped tackle some clients’ cloud security challenges.

The webinar will be live online at 11.30 am BST on the 28th of April 2022 and henceforth, available on demand.


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