A new report by Jisc has revealed that ransomware attacks cost organisations in the UK’s education sector upwards of £2m per incident.

Jisc is a non-profit providing the UK’s higher and further education sector with IT services, including the Janet network and incident response.

John Chapmans, head of Janet policy and strategy, has warned that ransomware and malware were now the top threats for the sector, closely followed by phishing and social engineering.

Jisc’s 2020 cyber impact report was updated this month to include further anonymous case studies of organisations victimised by ransomware.

Head of Janet policy and strategy, John Chapman, warned that ransomware and malware were now the top threats for the sector, with phishing and social engineering coming second.

“Since Jisc’s first cyber impact report, the main development has been the sustained increase in ransomware attacks: 15 further education (FE) and higher education (HE) organisations were impacted by ransomware in 2020, a further 18 in 2021, and at least three so far in 2022,” Chapman explained.

It has also been revealed that 100 schools were affected. 

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