BlackBerry Limited  has released the 2022 BlackBerry Annual Threat Report, highlighting a cybercriminal underground which it says has been optimised to better target local small businesses. Small businesses will continue to be an epicentre for cybercriminal focus as SMBs facing upward of 11 cyberthreats per device per day, which only stands to accelerate as cybercriminals increasingly adopt collaborative mindsets.
The report also uncovered cyber breadcrumbs from some of last year’s most notorious ransomware attacks, suggesting some of the biggest culprits may have simply been outsourced labour.  In multiple incidents BlackBerry identified threat actors leaving behind playbook text files containing IP addresses and more, suggesting the authors of this year’s sophisticated ransomware are not the ones carrying out attacks. This highlights the growing shared economy within the cyber underground.
“Criminals are working out how to target us better. The infrastructure of the cyber underground has evolved so they can deliver more timely and personalised deceptions to the public,” said Eric Milam, Vice President of Research and Intelligence, BlackBerry. “This infrastructure has also incubated a criminal shared economy, with threat groups sharing and outsourcing malware allowing for attacks to happen at scale. In fact, some of the biggest cyber incidents of 2021 look to have been the result of this outsourcing.”
Other key findings of the 2022 BlackBerry Annual Threat Report include:
“Attackers will continue to exploit events that cause organisations to be more vulnerable than usual. This applies to both unforeseen global crises like COVID-19 and more predictable occurrences like natural disasters or scheduled holidays. When an organisation’s security operations are disrupted, it is more likely to draw the attention of threat actors who sense an opportunity,” Malim continued. “The fluidity of modern cyberattacks can require organisations to frequently rethink their approach to cybersecurity and consider new options. They must constantly assess new technologies and approaches that can outperform legacy antivirus (AV) solutions, ranging from prevention-first AI to adopting Zero Trust architecture.”
Following in the footsteps of the Biden Administration’s recently rolled out Zero Trust strategy, widespread adoption of a Zero Trust mentality and a frictionless approach to security for end users is imperative across all sectors. With damage from the SolarWinds scandal still lingering, this path forward shows that the government is looking ahead to how existing tactics will be leveraged in the new year alongside of potential new risks in quantum computing, the metaverse, connected vehicles and beyond, while removing barriers to Zero Trust adoption.
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