Revil ransomware gang hit Spanish telecom giant MasMovil and claims to have stolen sensitive data from the group.

MasMovil is one of the largest Spanish telecom operators, last week the group was hit by the REvil ransomware gang that claims to have stolen sensitive data from the company.

“We have downloaded databases and other important data” reads the message published by REvil ransomware gang on its Tor leak site.

The ransomware group shared screenshots of the allegedly stolen documents on its leak sites, the image shows folders from the systems of the company (i.e. Backup, RESELLERS, SCORING, PARLEM).


Revil gang made the headlines again over the weekend due to the massive supply chain ransomware attack that might have impacted at least 1000 organizations customers of MSP using Kaseya VSA software.

REvil ransomware is now asking $70 million worth of Bitcoin for decrypting all systems impacted in the Kaseya supply-chain ransomware attack.

REvil ransomware initially asked the owners of endpoints infected in this campaign 44,999 USD in Bitcoin, but now it seems to be interested to close the game with a single huge ransom of $70 million.

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