Ransomware attacks and nation-state assaults on vaccine supply chains are only two of the many challenges healthcare cyber professionals have been hit with as a result of COVID-19. How were these challenges overcome? More importantly, though, what challenges are healthcare cyber professionals facing in a post-Pandemic world?

The Israeli Economic and trade Missions in London and Washington, DC have teamed up to launch a cybersecurity panel focusing on exactly that: “Post-Pandemic Healthcare: Greatest challenges facing cyber professionals”.

On February 10th at 10 AM US EST and 15:00 GMT, Dr. Saif Abed, leading voice in both Cybersecurity and Healthcare, will moderate an insightful panel of Isreali experts in the cybersecurity and healthcare field.

The panel will address these specific key areas of healthcare in cyber:

  • Ransomware – how to defeat this scourge of hospitals everywhere?
  • Medical IoT – what risks exist with connected medical devices?
  • APIs – what happens when consumers and external parties connect to your network?
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) – what’s the future of governance and data protection in the healthcare industry?

You can register here and join in on the conversation.



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