Full user records of Guntrader.uk, a British website for buying and selling rifles are available on the dark web as a result of a security incident. The website administrators reported the incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the National Crime Agency.

In this regard, one of the affected users expressed his concern about the incident, as he fears that this could affect his family. It is worth mentioning that the possession of weapons is subject to strict control in the United Kingdom, so it is very difficult to acquire these items on the black market. The user, who did not reveal his name, mentioned that this incident seriously compromises his ability to have firearms and could even draw the attention of authorities.

On the other hand, the platform reported the theft of at least 100 thousand user records, although no information related to the possession of weapons was compromised. Nonetheless, the stolen data may include a lot of people who actually own firearms, and are even shooting organization members.

Most likely the report refers to the British Shooting and Conservation Association (BASC), which has already issued a security alert inviting its members to keep abreast of any updates on the incident and to keep a close eye on their homes in the face of potential retaliation from the leak.

“Our advice to members would be to check home security and be extra vigilant. Make sure all firearms are appropriately locked away and make sure buildings are kept secure”, the organization recommends.

To learn more about information security risks, malware variants, vulnerabilities and information technologies, feel free to access the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) websites.

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